Vive Haiti!

Today -- just in time for the hustle and bustle of Art Basel, in the middle of the Design District – art lovers and culture appreciators will celebrate the opening of the Haitian Heritage Museum. The expansive 60,000-square-foot structure is brand-spankin’-new, but the idea for this spectacular centerpiece in the District seems old. We’re just saying, this fine establishment should have been in existence for a while already, what with Miami’s enormous Haitian population, right? This facility, which promises both educational and artistic stimulation for the community, is definitely long overdue.

“Our goal is to build on this name and our culture, because our culture is so often misconstrued. We’re here to highlight the positive aspects, change the imagery, and show the public the beauty of our culture,” explains founder and president Evelyn Pierre, who envisions the facility as inspiration for upcoming generations of Haitian-Americans, who might grow up hyperaware of the too-often negative depiction of their heritage and shared experience. “If they know where they came from, they will know where they’re going,” says Pierre. Celebrate Haiti with beautiful, vibrant art, drinks, live music, and a specialty dessert that Pierre assures us needs to be tasted to believed. It all goes down tonight from 7 to 10 p.m.
Tue., Dec. 4, 2007