Aniclaus is Comin’ to Town

Shopping for your mother-in-law is more difficult than navigating the Home Depot parking lot on Calle Ocho. The rest of your list is no picnic either. What to get? Jelly of the Month Club membership? The latest creepy Japanese toy? A fruitcake? Someone’s still buying fruitcakes, otherwise they wouldn’t sell fruitcakes anymore. And they do.

Lucky for you, there’s someone on your list today — specifically a massive Indian rhinoceros — that’s none too picky. In fact, he just wants a popsicle. That’s it. Probably grape, maybe cherry. He didn’t specify. And the best part? The Miami MetroZoo has already purchased the gifts, so all you have to do is show up and watch him open (and devour) them. Call it gift-giving without the parts that suck. The MetroZoo animal gift bonanza continues through December 31, courtesy of Tarah Bedrossian, Elephant Manager/Enrichment Coordinator (awesome job), and her team of volunteers. The rhino will receive his gifts today at 1 p.m. at the Miami MetroZoo.
Dec. 23-31, 2007