A StairMaster with Heart

Before today, you thought the stairs leading up to your garden apartment, the two flights at the office, and even those three steps standing between you and the ATM were created for the sole purpose of tormenting you. Not that they were getting you to the next level or giving your flabby thighs, calves, and glutes a workout — their sole purpose was pure torture. And although that belief might justify your elevator-riding, today your lazy attitude needs to take a back seat — better yet, go for a walk. Because from 7 a.m. until the last one is stepped, the 55 flights of stairs at the Wachovia Financial Center will host Climb Miami, the best way to contribute to the American Lung Association while giving your body a workout.

We can’t guarantee that these 1,210 stairs will be made out of crystal, but whether you join a team, bring a friend, or trudge solo, you’ll be contributing to lung cancer research, education, and prevention programs. Last year’s race raised more than $88,000, and now it’s time for you to step up. Visit www.stairclimbmiami.com to register, sponsor a climber, or get more info.
Sat., April 12, 2008