We’re Dreaming of a White Summer

The wind whistles and howls to announce the entrance of buckets upon buckets of faux snow, forcing you to realize you’re not in Kansas anymore, sweetie. An orchestra erupts in sound, and a deranged-looking clown in a burnished yellow jumpsuit and droopy makeup appears onstage. If you thought those crump dancing fellas in L.A. threw the art of clowning on its head, you haven’t met Slava Polunin yet. He turned his childhood fantasy into a career of internationally acclaimed shows that are often called a mix between Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil. Beginning Thursday, he’ll transform the Arsht Center into a winter wonderland for his latest, Slava Snow Show.

The production uses powerful musical compositions, elaborate sets, and zero dialogue to take you on an interactive journey into the imagination of one of the world’s most well-known and respected clowns. In his mind, humongous balloons, life-size spider webs, and a finale-busting blizzard reign supreme, so you might be shaking faux snowflakes from your shirt collar for days after the final curtain falls. The show will be in town through August 17. Tickets cost $55; visit www.arshtcenter.org to get yours.
July 24-Aug. 17, 2008