Make the Homies Say “Hoh”

The Anime Supercon is finally here: three full days of absolute, balls-out fandom beginning Friday at the Miami Downtown Hilton. Yes, there will be costume contests galore, as both cosplayers and Halloween fanatics fill the halls with gunblades and spiky hair. But there’ll also be videogaming, D&D matches, comic book workshops, film and TV screenings, and discussion panels with the creators of some of your favorite shows — including the writer/producer of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, and Space Ghost: Dave Willis. New Times spoke with Dave about his work on some of the coolest animated shows to hit television. New Times: What’s it like to be one of the originators of this low-fi, lowbrow style of animation? Dave Willis: We did things [lo-fi] out of necessity. [Space Ghost] was started out of an attempt to get some low-cost programming ... a one-off sort of thing. But I think people responded to that cheap aesthetic. The irony is we weren't really trying for that paper-doll look with Aqua Teen! We were genuinely trying to make a fully animated cartoon. And that's just how it looks when people who don't know how to animate a cartoon try to make one. Will Space Ghost ever come back? We've talked about pulling it out of mothballs for one episode. There was a brief period where we were chasing Don Rickles, because I think he would probably merit coming out of retirement to do the show. It would have to be a guy like Bill Murray or Steve Martin so it could just be used as this amazing, expensive excuse to meet them. Do you have a favorite character from your shows? I love Meatwad; I think he's great. Carl, to me, is easy because he makes me think of some of my dad's friends growing up. I wouldn't say they're my favorite, but I do love the frat aliens, because they remind me of about a third of the people I went to college with. For the complete interview with Dave Willis, visit Tickets cost $25 to $35 and are available at
Fri., Oct. 31, 2008