You’ll Be the Only Turkey There

Thanksgiving dinner would be just another boring meal with the fam if it weren’t for that huge golden-brown bird perched in the middle of the table. Sure, you have it on a Subway five-dollar foot-long three times a week, but when it’s all trussed up and in its full glory, that bird marks a special occasion. Unfortunately for vegans — or fortunately, depending on your culinary preference — there will be no turkey. Not that our animal-friendly amigos are pissed or anything, because EarthSave is bringing them all to the table for its 13th annual Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Celebration.

You bring the mac ’n’ soy cheese, meatless mushroom gravy, or whatever else your little green heart desires, and EarthSave will provide the desserts, ambiance, and sparkling cider in the Fellowship Hall at Coral Gables Congregational Church. Just in case your Turkey Day isn’t complete without some drunken posturing, grow up and have a listen at the knowledge that speaker and EarthSave international executive director Caryn Hartglass has to offer. The chow-down begins at 6 p.m.
Sat., Nov. 29, 2008