Your Religion Can’t Spin Like This

There’s a little-known ancient Turkish ceremony that counts among the few religious rituals entertaining enough to hold the attention of our microwave sensibility. Bending their necks as if trying to watch a crooked TV set and spinning in loose circles around a sheikh, the Whirling Dervishes are truly mesmerizing. Their movements illustrate one’s soul embracing reality and abandoning the ego to reach perfection, all in worship of their god. The ritual is about peace, love, and understanding set to the beat of live traditional music — and you don’t have to move a muscle to enjoy it. For practitioners, the object is to whirl toward truth, and, one assumes, look fabulous in long white robes and stunningly tall brown hats. They promise the answer is out there; watch the Dervishes find it at the Knight Concert Hall.
Sat., Feb. 7, 8 p.m., 2009