A Dapper Dash

We're blind from the neon Lycra of Miami's cyclists. And frankly, we're a little weirded out by their alien-like pointy helmets. No need to fear the road this Saturday for cyclists will look like Victorian bankers with knee socks, vests, and caps. We might even stop and offer them a pint of Fuller's or a hot toddy. The Green Mobility Network is hosting a Tweed Ride this Saturday through historic Coral Gables. Professor David Rifkind, from FIU's School of Architecture, will tell cyclists all about what they see. In the words of the organizers, "A proper cyclist looks good from head to toe: from the dashing cap, to the silk scarf, ascot, or bow tie accenting the neck, to the snappy knickers or skirts, and argyle socks! Prizes shall be furnished to the most dapper chap, the most snappy lass, the best real moustache, the best fake moustache, and the best vintage/antique steed."
Sat., March 20, 9 a.m., 2010