Who’s Got a Case of the Mondays?

Started in 1999 as a record label specializing in house music, Hed Kandi has grown into a worldwide brand incorporating parties, fashion, radio, web TV, and even a partnership with Monarch airlines to do special flights from London to Ibiza. Now, Hed Kandi’s lounge in Miami Beach has launched a new Monday-night dinner/dance party with the 400 Club. Called RED, the party deviates from Hed Kandi’s normal mélange of house, garage, and disco into R&B and hip-hop, while retaining the ultra-exclusivity that is the club’s hallmark. The food is similarly forward-thinking, employing the molecular gastronomic techniques you’ve seen featured on Top Chef and other cooking shows. Think full flavor in a stream-lined package, which kind of describes the whole experience, doesn’t it? With only 12 tables at Hed Kandi, the rope is pretty thick, but if you can get in, you won’t want to go back to watching CSI: Miami on your couch Monday nights.
Mondays, 11 p.m., 2009