Monster Karaoke

Once upon a time, in a magical era called the Eighties, Mickey Rourke was a sex god. Lusted after by millions for his stunning, boxing-honed body and handsomely thuggish face, Rourke shot to stardom with big-screen roles in Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Village, and Rumble Fish. The films 9 1/2 Weeks and Angel Heart cemented his status as a hearththrob, and Rourke lived the high life. Too high, perhaps. The actor gained a rep for being unpredictable and difficult, and the list of film roles he reportedly turned down is jaw-dropping (Rain Man, The Silence of the Lambs, 48 Hours, and Tombstone, for starters). Age and a balls-to-the-wall lifestyle took their toll, and it seems along the way, Mr. Rourke went and got himself some work done.

Now, we’re sad to say, dude looks like he went to the same come-visit-my-apartment doctor who effed Priscilla Presley’s face to hell. He has earned his own category on Comments about Rourke’s Jocelyn Wildenstein-esque appearance are typically mean, but beneath the visage there’s still a great actor (Sin City sequel, we can’t wait!) and a heart of gold. And apparently a singing voice that ain’t half bad: Rourke is now hosting Loki Karaoke at Rokbar. It begins at 11 p.m. and draws an, um, eclectic crowd. Call 305-674-4397, or visit for answers to your inevitable questions.
Sundays, 2008