We’re Driving Now

It's like walking around a parking lot -- after traveling into the future by time machine and landing in an extremely wealthy neighborhood. The 36th South Florida International Auto Show fills the Miami Beach Convention Center with cars you're much more likely to encounter in dreams than on, say, the Dolphin Expressway or I-95. About 1000 vehicles will be on display, segregated into Million Dollar Alley (the Ferrari, Lotus, Bentley part of town); Memory Lane (the classics -- can you say ´57 Chevy?); Camp Jeep (an off-road playground demonstrating what it's like to drive through dirt, gravel, water, wood); and a motorcycle display. Check out the show's star car -- the 2006 ESV Cadillac Escalade -- and take a shot at winning a 2007 Ford Fusion. Or simply walk around dreaming. The parking lot opens at 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 6, and remains accessible through today. Admission is ten dollars. Visit www.sfliautoshow.com for show hours.
Oct. 6-15