Welcome to the Jungle

First it was your coconut palm. Next it was your mango tree. Then you watched in horror as the final lashing winds of Hurricane Wilma ripped your giant staghorn fern from its perch and blew it down the street. Yes, you are thankful you still have your house, but your yard was your sanctuary. Find the inspiration to replant at Go Native!: Ideas to Make Your Garden a Natural Habitat, part of the Socially Conscious Design series at the Wolfsonian-FIU. Raymond Jungles, the award-winning landscape architect who is truly a botanical artist, will teach you how to use native species to create a hurricane-resistant garden. Help your back yard get its groove back tonight at 7:00. Admission is ten dollars, free for members. Call 305-531-1001, or visit www.wolfsonian.org.
Thu., Oct. 26