We’re on a Roll

Yes, we love the Seventies. But when we think of goldfish tank platforms and fuzzy armpits, we realize that some trends are best left where they belong -- in the past. Then we imagine ourselves at Throb: The Ultimate Roller Disco Club Night, on four wheels, gliding effortlessly to the beat of crazy electronica while the haze of dry ice lingers in the air, and we realize we might need to reconsider our views. Everything old is cool, right?

The hip kids in Japan, Russia, and the UK seem to think so, and so do the folks behind tonight’s superpopular disco-on-wheels. And with the promise of electro house, Miami bass, nu-rave, and baile funk pumping through the speakers, plus a new (yet old) type of nightlife scene, we just might have to jump on the rolling band wagon, too. Throb happens every Thursday night at Super Wheels Skating Center. Doors open at 8:00 to cool cats over seventeen. Admission is eight dollars, and skate rental costs two bucks. And come dressed to roll in your best Eighties glam, retro trash, electro punk, and bubblegum gear.
Thu., June 7, 8 p.m.