Wonder Women

Whether invented or authentic, heroines have always been an inspiration to women looking for their own voice. Unconventional and outspoken pistols -- such as fictional Civil War diva Scarlett O’Hara and the very real, steadfast suffragist Eleanor Roosevelt -- have proven that women can be just as strong and intelligent as any man. That’s why Eveinterrupted.com (the champion of ass-kicking ladies) and Admix are bringing you Heroine, a Friday-night party for women. Tonight at 10:00, head out to Amendment XXI for the launch party.

The girl power will be in full throttle every week, with displays from local artists, contests, theme nights, and drink specials. Inked women are encouraged to come and show off their body art tonight. DJs Heather Holiday, D-Lokx, DJane, and Suga will spin dancy tunes while a monthly roster of all-girl bands puts rock and roll bad boys to shame.
Fri., June 15, 10 p.m.