Make ’Em Say Olé!

The exciting, inspiring dance of flamenco is a fusion of Spanish, Gypsy, Judeo, and Arabic cultures that can be traced back to Andalusia. “Different rhythms express different emotions: happy, sad, fiery, or intense,” explains foot-stomper par excellence, Clarita Filgueiras. The emotional range of this Spanish tradition need not remain lost in translation to you any longer. Grab a scarf and your dancing shoes -- it’s flamenco time! Clarita Filgueiras’s Flamenco Puro is offering a summer Flamenco Dance Workshop for beginners and intermediate-advanced students.

Master Antonio Granjero, from Jerez, Spain, will lead the classes, which begin today and stomp through Friday at the Ballet Academy of Miami Dance Center, Studio 1. Beginners start at 7:00 p.m., learning guajiras, a dance that involves the dramatic device of a shawl. “The props are very interesting,” says artistic director Filgueiras. “Flamenco takes elements from everyday life and incorporates them into the dance, adding emotion and expression.” Those who have mastered the shawl can take the intermediate-advanced class -- tientos -- at 8:15 p.m. And if you’re any good, you might inspire onlookers to call out olé! Each class costs $50.
Mon., June 18