Program Notes

Beyond life, the truth will out. And I think corporate behemoth Warner Bros. showed its true colors by wimping out once the air cleared. Warners sort of stood up for Ice-T when "Cop Killer" was being maligned by people who want to tell you how to live your short and meaningless life, but who knows what really went on during those backroom deals? That Warner dropped T from their Sire label rather than release his new slab of real life, Home Invasion, provides a good hint. Fuck 'em. Although T himself is pussy enough to call the parting "amicable," he's also signed on with Priority, which will release the album, apparently intact and uncensored, under T's Rhyme Syndicate Records imprint. That's one way to battle the bastards A take your money elsewhere.

The new issue of scrape magazine suggests that the rag will live on and just keep getting better A check out the psycho incesticide piece of, by, and about Kill Sybil for an example A and you really should be reading it. Hell, you should be contributing to it. Drop 'em a life line at 8601 Bird Road, #132, Miami, FL 33155. And turn them on to Milo Binder's version of ABBA's "Dancing Queen" while you're at it.

I wasn't the only one receiving calls from newspaper reporters around the nation after Janet Reno was lofted into federal territory. The fine folks at Luke Records report a flood of queries concerning "that rap song about Janet Reno" (Anquette's "Janet Reno"). The original is a real collector's item because it was released under the old and now illegal Luke Skyywalker imprint. Plus it's a great song that deserves a second life.

I guess they call it the Jammy for a reason. More info coming in from the big awards event in Orlando a few weeks back, including that Marilyn Manson won the top honor of Entertainers of the Year. Marilyn himself jammed with Tampa's Deloris Telescope, as he had done earlier and elsewhere with Pigface. "What's this guy, working on a solo career?" jokes manager John Tovar. With MM, you never know. And some day I should actually go to one of these industry orgies and report what happens first hand. Nah.

Meanwhile, back in jazzland, PACE jazz showcase champ Gerald Dimitri (partner of last year's winner George Tandy) settles in for a run at Bruzzi at the Waterways Shoppes in North Miami Beach. He'll make that sax sing Wednesdays through Saturdays beginning each evening at 7:00.

The Stephen Talkhouse is finally booking some decent acts. The always fun Louis Jordanesque Al Poe and the Beef Chunks hit the stage there tonight (Wednesday) with the mighty Goods providing a rare live show tomorrow (Thursday), and Peter Betan opening for John Sebastian on Saturday.

Word on the street has it that Randy Ruffner and Pete Moss are back in the studio with a new Johnny Tonite project. You might (should) recall their previous effort, The Savage Ones, a glorious mish of old-fashioned rock and roll that ascends to brilliance in songs such as "You and Me" and "The Great Pretender."

The big grand opening for the new annex of Blue Note Records takes place this Saturday with Holy Terrors, Vandal, Forget the Name, and the Nightstalkers performing live beginning shortly after noon. Blue Note has opened a second store right next door, specializing in rock and alternative releases. The address is 16401 NE 15th Ave. in North Miami Beach.

Butthorn of the week: Me for having the audacity to call $andy Kane's singing voice only "decent." Well, she'll have you know: "I didn't study with Irene Cara, Bette Midler, and Melissa Manchester 4 nothing."

The media circus: British Vogue recently hyped South Beach, with a diary story by writer Alexander Stuart. What's cool is that the Tribes author mentioned contributor to these pages John Hood: "Rebar...has your old New York friend John Hood on the door, a writer and bouncer with his own patented brand of intellectual thuggery, as likely to give you the Latin root of a verb as the elegant toe of his boot." (Inside dope: Hood had mentioned to Stuart that the word "ambition" is from the Latin ambitio, from ambire, meaning to go out looking for votes.)

Skels lyric of the week: Set to a joyous rock beat, from "Romp Romp Romp:" "Let's sit here nude and drink all this tequila/And then we'll go driving and dreaming the evening away/Set off some fireworks down at the graveyard/Yeah well everyone's dead there so what could they possibly say?/Have some more LSD/And I'll turn up that punk rock music/And we'll romp romp romp/Until either or both of us pass out/Oh, Satan ha ha ha.