Miami According to Brooklyn

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My topic this week is the bicycle phenomenon here in Miami. Personally, I think that people picking up a bike instead of car keys is awesome. They're saying they really do care about their environment, plus it's a great, fun way to exercise. Even though it might be a trend for some people, it's a really good trend. I just see more and more people riding their bikes around, and it's really awesome that people are actually giving a crap and not wanting to pay these outrageous gas prices.

Fixed-gear bikes are lightweight, simple, and low-maintenance, which can compensate for the added gears on other bikes. I ride every day to and from work. I don't use my car; I think it sucks. I'd rather get on my bike, not deal with parking, and not fill up my car three times a week to go six or seven miles each way. But also look out for drivers, because, trust me, they are really not looking out for you. And wear your lights, and remember we have to follow the same laws cars do.

Actually, I really don't care about other kinds of bikes besides fixed-gear bikes. I would rather go fast and zip through traffic and get through where I need to go, instead of have a casual cruise, so to speak. A fixed-gear is based on how hard you pedal, and have the one-gear ratio, where I know exactly what I can and cannot do. The gear ratio I use right now is for street/urban riding; I'm riding a 49/18, so I don't have to try as hard to stop if I might run into something.

So if you're interested in getting one of these machines, there are a couple of shops I suggest. In Miami-Dade, go to Keirin Bicycle Shop in South Beach, next to MIA Skate Shop, at 235A Ninth St. In Broward, I suggest the Bike Spot, 5074 N. Dixie Hwy., Oakland Park. And remember: It's not what you ride; it's how you ride it.

Five albums I'm listening to this week: (1) Witness, Modern Life Is War; (2) Omega Sessions, the Bad Brains, (3) To Die For, Integrity; (4) Not of This World, Coliseum and Doomriders split; (5) Keep Your Heart, the Loved Ones.

Quote of the week: "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." — Abraham Lincoln