Greg Bush

What kind of music will be played in South Beach clubs? What sort of dances will people be doing? How much will a drink cost?
The most popular dance will be the long march north to a cooler climate.

What will be the hippest Miami-Dade neighborhood, what will it look like, and how much will it cost to live there?
Following a series of devastating hurricanes, rising sea levels, astronomically increasing electricity costs, economic depression, and bizarre viruses, South Florida will be dramatically depopulated. Insurance rates will be high and property values low, because of a massive attitude change based on the idea: "Why stay in a place that has been continuously trashed since it became urbanized?" Neighborhoods that remain will look like they were designed by Le Corbusier. Who ever learns anything?

Will your favorite South Florida restaurant of today still exist? And will the clientele change?
Tube food at the workplace will complete the "waste not, want not" ideology of control.

Imagine yourself sitting in a canoe on Shark River slough. What do you see?
I see a staged struggle between trained snakes and alligators as part of a new Disney theme park that includes one very interesting exhibition: The ghost of Elian Gonzalez will cavort with dolphins (even in inland waterways) while discussing political philosophy with an automatronic Ronald Reagan.

When the urban Miami dweller of 2100 wants to take a walk in a park, where will he or she go?
As before.

How long will it take to travel from Miami to Havana, and how will folks make the trip? Ditto from Kendall to downtown.
People will fly down to Havana in small, individualized rockets that are efficient, brutal, and characteristic of the era. Kendall will have been renamed Diaz de la Portillaville by 2010 and separated into new feudal satrapies; the famous brothers will have divided up the turf and started their own Kendall corridors to the World Transportation System; they will compete against the rival operation of the northern Kingdom of Dade presided over by Lord Alexander Penelas V, who will have headquarters at MIA1s $250 billion Galaxy Intermodal Transportation, Trade, and Leisure Center.

How will you spend the day on January 1, 2100?
Probably as specks of radioactive dust.