Laurinda Spear

What kind of music will be played in South Beach clubs? What sort of dances will people be doing? How much will a drink cost?
People will be playing a form of Cajun zydeco. Instead of zydeco, though, it will be known as artdeco and will involve simultaneous steps that symbolize tearing down, public outrage, and loving restoration. Each step of the dance will build upon previous steps, so by the time the song is finished, like the American Airlines Arena, it will be a veritable symphony of movement. Drinks (like long-distance telephone service) will be free in all South Beach clubs.

What will be the hippest Miami-Dade neighborhood, what will it look like, and how much will it cost to live there?
Downtown Miami. Owing to global warming, it will be a version of Stiltsville; many high-rise buildings will convert lower floors so you will be able to view aquatic life, much like an aquarium. The People Mover will be in a watertight tube. It will not be terribly expensive, since the natural insulation of the water, as well as abundant hydroelectric power, will make utility bills virtually disappear. The major problem and expense will be waterproofing, which actually is no different from today.

Will your favorite South Florida restaurant of today still exist? And will the clientele change?
My favorite restaurant is Joe's Stone Crab, and I am positive it will still exist. The clientele will not change because of the miracles of modern medicine. In fact the very same people will be eating there. Crabmeat is very healthy, so I expect doctors will begin prescribing Joe's instead of medicine, since both will cost the same.

When the urban Miami dweller of 2100 wants to take a walk in a park, where will he or she go?
The urban Miami dweller will use special 3-D goggles for a virtual-park experience on a treadmill. While that may sound terribly artificial to us, it will be so realistic that the practice will be almost identical to the real thing. Although we will have many real parks and will lovingly restore areas that are no longer needed for homes, the average schedule of a person will be too busy to take advantage of them on weekdays. Our real parks will be in a natural, wild state, and we will have finally eradicated the melaleuca problem.

How long will it take to travel from Miami to Havana, and how will folks make the trip? Ditto from Kendall to downtown.
Miami to Havana will take approximately one hour by hydrofoil water taxi. Kendall to downtown will be exactly the same.

How will you spend the day on January 1, 2100?
With family.