Norman Van Aken

What kind of music will be played in South Beach clubs? What sort of dances will people be doing? How much will a drink cost?
The music will be the soft breezes of the Atlantic. And South Beach will be gone as a result of Hurricane Madonna, which Santería priests predicted in 2051.

What will be the hippest Miami-Dade neighborhood, what will it look like, and how much will it cost to live there?
The Redlands. Concrete and steel. Most of the trees and all of the fruit.

Will your favorite South Florida restaurant of today still exist? And will the clientele change?
Not possible. The chef will have moved to the big stove in the sky. But Palacio de los Jugos will still be humming along inside a Kmart.

Imagine yourself sitting in a canoe on Shark River slough. What do you see?
Lawyers and paparazzi.

When the urban Miami dweller of 2100 wants to take a walk in a park, where will he or she go?

How long will it take to travel from Miami to Havana, and how will folks make the trip? Ditto from Kendall to downtown.
People will not bother to go see the real Havana. There will be a theme park just south of Orlando that will take its place. Don1t miss the Littlest Communists Camp (age twelve and under enter free). The Uncle Che T-shirts and coffee mugs will be a must for the folks back home.

How will you spend the day on January 1, 2100?
Hopefully enjoying a reincarnation as a chef for the Dalai Lama.