Kai Hill

So maybe we're not the most objective source, but a reporter's life is anything but relaxing -- the anxiety level falls on the other end of the spectrum from that of, say, a yoga instructor. Daily journalism in particular, with its constant deadlines, can be considered wear-and-tear duty, as news reporter for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel Kai Hill is well aware. Instead of jet-setting about the globe interviewing stars (only in the movies, girls and boys), Hill spends her days knocking on doors of grieving families and trudging knee-deep through floodwaters, her evenings catching up with criminals. But, says Hill, "believe it or not, the intensity of it all is what keeps me going." Of course, but that makes the downtime all the more necessary.

The best ways she's found to decompress from stress and chill out in Miami:

Out of the home: "I take dance classes after work and on the weekends. Dance has always been a passion, and it's important for me to have an active life outside work. I use the technical skills of ballet to build concentration, which is also useful at work. Ethnic dance classes, such as Afro-Cuban at Ifé-Ilé, totally warp your mind from reality by allowing you to portray divine beings. I take ballet at University Center for the Performing Arts in Davie.

"Occasionally I work out before work. It really helps to get my day going. Since gyms seem too competitive, I work out in the outdoors at a nearby park -- sometimes at Flamingo Park and on Miami's beaches. It's my time to regroup, breathe in fresh air, and do a lot of thinking."

She also "stretches a little in the bathroom stalls at work."

In the home: "I burn incense and candles to create a soothing, pleasant energy within my home. A lot of journalists, like myself, are away from their families, so I also keep a picture of my grandmother at my bedside."

On top of all that: She takes "quick trips, such as to the grocery store," to get in touch with regular people and daily life outside the drama of journalism.