Ignacio Guzman

The business of business means that tight deadlines, prompt delivery, and strict adherence to the bottom line are not mere concepts. They are essentials: You lose sight of them, you lose the store. Oh, and if you are an exporter of laboratory instruments and equipment to Latin America, like Ignacio Guzman is, you also have to keep an eye on world economies, competitive pricing, supply, and, of course, demand. Which is what Guzman has been doing for the past twenty years. "There is pressure in the delivery deadlines," Guzman relates, which means that "sometimes the orders my customers place are with urgency, and the delivery time they ask for is very minimal." Like yesterday.

The best ways he's found to decompress from stress and chill out in Miami:

Out of the home: "The way I try to relax is through sports. Since high school I have been very active. I play a lot of basketball and tennis, which are my two favorite sports. I find that when I'm playing any type of sport, my mind is occupied, and it helps me to block out or sort out any type of worry or stress. I usually play basketball at the Downtown Athletic Club after 7:00 p.m., twice a week if possible -- both pickup games and leagues. Tennis I usually try to play on the weekends.

"I try to take my daughter out to movies at least once a week. We both love to go to the movies."

In the home: "I watch my usual amount of TV, anything from games to news to some shows."

On top of all that: Guzman moonlights as a "customer-service representative for BellSouth." Now that's relaxing.