Catch It Live!

Ever wonder what old Specials or Madness songs would sound like in Yiddish? Or hear a reggae memorial to those who died in the Holocaust? King Django will let you know, as well as sound out plenty of funky drums, reggae backbeats, and rockin' guitars, with a dose of loop mixes, dancehall speed rap and DJ scratchings. The King, otherwise known as Jeff Baker, has made a name for himself as one of the leading voices in the modern American ska sound. Besides being a former member of seminal New York ska/reggae bands the Boilers, Skadanks, Skinnerbox, and the Stubborn All-Stars, he's also the founder of ska label Stubborn Records and proprietor of Version City Studios -- home to a goodly portion of New York's current ska output. Oh, and he also toured as a horn player with Rancid and Murphy's Law, which only partly explains the ska/reggae/metal/klezmer sound of his latest and most satisfying work. This is high-energy ska dripping with New York attitude, served up deep, fast, and loud, with fire-breathing both real and lyrical.