Ready to Blow

Since Elephant Man's "Pon Di River, Pon Di Bank" was first released earlier this year, the barreling dance-friendly track has been a mainstay in all the local clubs, from South Beach hip-hop spots to Jamaican dance halls. For those who like a little reggae sprinkled in their rap diet, it has provided a welcome respite from Sean Paul's array of superhits. But hold up: The long-time Greensleeves recording artist is set to join Paul on VP Records for his major-label debut, Good to Go, in mid-September.

Initially one can't imagine the anarchic Elephant Man achieving the same commercial heights: For the past three years, O'Neil Bryan has defined slackness. But "Pon Di River" is relatively innocuous in comparison to past hits like "Pum Pum," and VP Records has earned a reputation for pushing its artists into the mainstream by, er, sanitizing their product. How will he fare come this fall? Look pon di river.