Freedom or Death

Q and Not U specializes in the kind of ultra-funky, super-abrasive rock (or, as Spin magazine would erroneously label it, "emo") that every self-respecting postpunk loves. First forming in Washington, D.C., in 1998, the trio has released two albums for the legendary Dischord Records. Their most recent, Different Damage, bristles with tension and energy, hurtling along cuts like "Recreation Myth" that aren't so much conceptual opuses as fast tracks full of half-growled verses and cathartic, half-screamed choruses. Much welcome to these parts, for sure. But the main reason to visit I/O on a Tuesday night -- which is, lest we forget, a work night -- is to support Miami's latest entry in the music mogul sweepstakes, 4 Track Freedom. The fledgling label has released a compilation, Sorry This Comp. Took So Fucking Long, and is bringing in one of its artists, the locally based Septembre, along with Black Eyes and French Toast to fill out the bill. Bring your dancing shoes.