Hard Headed

Ever since he founded the techno label Plus 8 with good friend Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva has been known as a DJ's DJ. Over the years he has vehemently voiced his contempt for fellow disc jocks around the world who take a linear approach to music, the ones who strictly adhere to a certain style or emotion. In contrast he built his reputation on elaborate sets that incorporate hard techno, New Wave, and everything in between (including the occasional Motorhead track).

Never one to push his own image, Acquaviva often collaborates with other techno artists, from the aforementioned Hawtin to Jamie Lewis, so he can, in his own words, "mask himself behind someone else." Then there's the treasure many other turntable jocks envy him for -- a collection of over 60,000 vinyl records. These days he doesn't tote too many of them around, though. Instead he utilizes Final Scratch technology, which allows him to draw from a database of MP3s, so who knows what track he'll play.