One had to figure that it wouldn't be long before the puglike cuteness of the Diplomats wore off. On "Stop-N-Go," Cam'ron again proves why he is the most unjustifiably arrogant figure in hip-hop with rhymes such as "Y'all sing sing sing/I'm from the Sing Sing bing/right to the wing ding ding." Nursery rhymes aside, though, Diplomatic Immunity II is not without its moments of dopeness. Fresh from incarceration, Hell Rell provides some much-needed lyrical prowess on the standout "Wouldn't You Like To Be A Gangsta Too." On "Get From Round Me," the Diplomats showcase their new member, Miami's own Jha Jha. In all, the Diplomats are their usual over-the-top, humdrum selves. But damn it if you don't catch yourself bobbing your head in enjoyment.