Saturdays, Lounge 16; Wednesdays, Royal Bar

Native New Yorker David Solero started his professional disc jockey duties back when 45s and belt-drive turntables were the norm. He hung out in the DJ booth of the city's most legendary rent party, The Loft, and the Greenwich Village disco inferno, Paradise Garage. His SoBe Soul nights at Lounge 16, cosponsored by Good Peoples Entertainment, brings soulful house, garage classics, and rare grooves to a city that's more apt to promote dance music for the sunken-eyed rather than the funkdafied.

1. New York Pillars, In the Springtime (Look at You)

2. Underground Dance Artists United for Life, Most Precious Love (King Street Sounds)

3. François K., Enlightenment (Wave Music)

4. Andy Holder presents Rhythm & Soul, Nothing Like Jazz (Device Records)

5. Seawind Project featuring Emily McEwan, Free (Knee Deep USA)

6. Jon Cutler featuring Pete Simpson, Runnin' (MN2S)

7. Kimara Lovelace, Only You (King Street Sounds)

8. Carousel, Wanted (Soulfuric Trax)

9. Simon Aston, Can I Get (Device Records)

10. Bobby & Steve, Deeper In Love (Zoo Groove Stereo)