Prefuse 73

Surrounded by Silence? More like surrounded by friends. Roping in Ghostface & El-P (a highlight), Aesop Rock, Camu, Beans, Masta Killa & GZA, Yazu from Blonde Redhead, Beans, and the Books (another highlight), among many others, Scott "Prefuse 73" Herren's third full-length release is more noteworthy for its lyrical anchors than melodic throb and bob. Musically, Silence is the least emotionally funneled Prefuse material, save for the instrumental tracks isolated -- a good word for how his material previously felt -- throughout. It's a testament to Herren's lack of ego that he leaves breadth for his guests' breath, but it may frustrate some that the coolly competent Silence still exhibits more ambition than his overt personality tics.