Selected Events for the Week of October 13, 2005

THU 13

Hollis Liverpool is more than a calypso singer; he's a historian of the art form. His stage name is The Mighty Chalkdust, a reference to his three decades as a teacher. He is a professor at the University of the Virgin Islands, an author of compelling Caribbean academic texts, and the reigning calypso monarch of Trinidad and Tobago — an honor he has received seven times. Liverpool will share his knowledge and music at the prestigious seventh annual Eric Williams Memorial Lecture. Before the oration, fans can meet Chalkdust at today's scholarship fundraising luncheon. The feast begins at noon at the Kovens Center, 3000 NE 151st St., Miami. Tickets cost $50. Chalkdust's official lecture will take place tomorrow, at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center at Florida International University, 11200 SW Eighth St., Miami. Admission is free. Call 305-919-5521, or visit (PEGY)

FRI 14

At a glance, the new television show Noah's Arc seems directly inspired by Sex and the City — the notable exception being that the stars are handsome brown-skinned men, not slender Caucasian women. The show's star, Darryl Stephens, agrees. Sort of. "Noah is kind of a mix between Carrie and Charlotte. He's innocent, and he has very romantic ideals. But as the story develops, you'll see it's about more than that," the attractive actor explains. Big buzz is building around the steamy show, which will make its debut October 19 on Logo, MTV's new "gay-ble" channel. Lucky locals can enjoy an early premiere and meet the stars at a special event tonight at 8:00 at the Arthur Ashe Auditorium at the James L. Knight Center, 400 SE Second Ave., Miami. Admission is eight dollars. Call 305-534-9924, or visit (PEGY)

SAT 15

Most hard-core carnivores are befuddled by the thought of a meal without meat, and can picture only a pallid, emaciated Moby-like entity if they hear the other V word: vegan. But if you think saying no to meat is a little girly, you can take it up with Russell Simmons, Clint Eastwood, Samuel L. Jackson, and Wu-Tang Clan members Ghostface Killah and Masta Killa, to name a few. So what do tough guys who don't dig on swine eat? Today you can learn how to whip up a fabulous animal-friendly meal when chef Jan Jorgensen of Two Chefs presents his culinary class Who Needs Meat? In addition to picking up savvy cooking techniques, you will learn to create a tangy curried sweet potato and lentil soup, roasted pepper hummus, eggplant rolls with ratatouille, baked samosas, and Thai chili and sesame- grilled tofu. Got room for dessert? A delectable white chocolate strawberry mousse with hazelnut lace cookies will complete the menu. Veg out today at 11:00 at Two Chefs, 8287 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami. The class costs $50. Call 305-663-2100 to register. (LO)

SUN 16

When suffering from the cocktail flu, one wants lots of carbs to calm the gurgling beast. Eggs, potatoes, and a little hair of the dog will shove off that mojito migraine. The new SambaBrunch menu at SushiSamba Dromo (600 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) offers a delicious cure, and the family-style courses solve the problem of deciding between the warm Brazilian churros with spiced caramel dipping sauce and the smoked fish platter with homemade bagel chips, or the "Dolce de Leite" French toast with fresh fruit and the eggs Benedict with aji panca hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon. The brunch costs $15 and includes a tasty Pika Pika cocktail of sparkling sake with guava juice. Call 305-673-5337, or visit (LO)

MON 17

George Romero's first cannibalistic zombie movie changed the reclusive director's career path considerably. The seminal Sixties social commentary/fright fest Night of the Living Dead was a commercial failure. Romero went on to direct several less scary films, all of which died miserably at the box office. Like the zombies in his first film, fans clamored for more brains and more blood. In 1978 Dawn of the Dead became a cult classic, and as a result, Romero gained a reputation as one of the best horror filmmakers of all time. He still hasn't stopped churning out the gore. Tonight his latest vision of hungry corpses stalking the Earth, Land of the Dead, will be screened in its uncut glory at 8:00 at the Regal South Beach Theater, 1120 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach. After the screams subside, stay for an exclusive interview with the iconic director. Tickets cost ten dollars. Call 303-674-6766, or visit (PEGY)

TUE 18

We're fans of any author who gets children and young adults jazzed about reading. J.K. Rowling has done wonders to ease the fears of those afraid of books the size of their head, and Lemony Snicket has proven that the tales of unlucky, desolate juveniles are much more interesting than the privileged lives of wealthy boarding school brats. Today marks the release of the twelfth installment of Snicket's best-selling A Series of Unfortunate Events, and to celebrate, Books & Books is beaming Snicket in via satellite to introduce his latest tale. The digitally peripatetic fellow will appear on the big screen at United Artists Movies at the Falls (9000 SW 136th St., Miami) during his simulcast from New York City tonight at 7:00. You can score two free tickets to the viewing with the prepurchase of the book. Call 305-442-4408, or visit for details. (LO)

WED 19

When Hurricane Katrina threatened New Orleans, soul singer and spoken-word poet Sunni Patterson packed up her things and left. "I have a cousin named Katrina, and my mother was, like, if this hurricane is gonna be anything like your cousin, we need to get the hell up out of Dodge," she recalls, laughing. Her family home was destroyed, but Patterson maintains a sunny disposition, though she's expressing her personal pain through song and verse. "If anything, Katrina has elevated my art, to put the second-line rhythm and the heartbeat of the city in everything I do," she explains. The poet will perform at several spoken-word events this week. Tonight she'll rock the mike at Third Wednesdays at Power Studios (3701 NE Second Ave., Miami). The event has been titled Soul Survivors, and artists will address domestic violence and honor slain poet Lorrie Tennant. Admission is ten dollars, and donations are welcome. Call 305-519-1369, or visit Learn more about displaced New Orleans artists at (PEGY)