James [email protected]#$%^ Friedman

DJ/promoter/ journalist James [email protected]#$%^ Friedman clearly knows what it is to spread himself thin — it becomes his aesthetic on his DJ mix Go Commando with James [email protected]#$%^ Friedman. Friedman saws through current dance subgenres (acidic electrohouse, stadium dance rock, bubblegum electro, and revivalist space disco) as if they were plywood. And, it turns out, flimsiness is the point; in celebrating the sound of now via a genre-smashing mix job that's also impossibly smooth, Friedman shows just how temporary the present is. Of course, his pop mindset doesn't hurt, either. The overwhelming majority of tracks are vocal, and the whole thing kicks off with supreme pop object Annie's "Me Plus One," presented in a remix that chops and extends her spoken refrain, essentially creating one epic chorus. Go Commando is trendier than apathy, but it's also too good for that. Friedman's affection for all things dancey has created a monster of a time capsule.