To match the record label's delicate hand in signing electronic and world music acts, or both combined, Shrift's debut offers a dreamy set of songs in which musical passages of electronic programming are humanized by a sweet girl's voice. Singer Nina Miranda is the key British producer whom Dennis Wheatley uses to open new doors in the world of Brit electronica, for both come from their own successful experiences in that market. He was part of Atlas, an electronic band that had mixed danceable tracks with Brazilian singers. She was part of Smoke City, a band that blended bossa and trip-hop, two familiar sounds for an Anglo-Brazilian girl fluent in both cultures and languages. Bossa and trip-hop are incorporated in Shrift's Lost in a Moment, along with an array of other musical elements — be they low-frequency beats, lush keyboard melodies, or full string sections that melt when confronted with Miranda's Portuguese, English, or French lyrics.