In Flagranti

In Flagranti aspires to be the glacial, disaffected edge of New York club life. On Wronger than Anyone Else, Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor bang out seventeen tracks with wonderfully sardonic titles like "We Make Love in a House Made of Glass" and "Reputation or Notoriety." Mixed together like a DJ set, the songs (some, like the club hit "Bang Bang," excerpted from considerably longer twelve-inch singles) are cut down to three- and four-minute shards that cut relentlessly to the quick and then yield to the next point. This mixture of electro-disco rhythm and punk attitude — heightened via disaffected vocals sung by guests like Betty Black (a.k.a. Sylvia Gordon from Kudu) and G. Rizo — is undeniably exciting and thrilling. Certainly In Flagranti proves itself to be a superior producer of dance music that shimmers and glistens like a coked-up ice queen. But something is missing from this white-funk imperative. Maybe it's a heart? — Mosi Reeves