A Corruption Tip Sheet

These are tough times for Miamians and their wallets. The condo market is in a nosedive. Oil prices are up and the stock market is down. Even insurance and tolls are rising.

Don't despair. Just one or two good bets and you could be rollin' in dough.

But forget about sports. The Dolphins, Hurricanes, Heat, and Marlins all suck. And the ponies won't be running at Gulfstream for another two months. We've really been on a roll with sleaze, though. Dozens of public officials have been nailed by cops — and some cops have been nailed too! So we've decided to try to help you out, dear reader, with a tip sheet. Call your bookie now and lay a wager on conviction — or acquittal — in one of the cases listed below. And, oh yeah, don't forget that everyone on this list is innocent until proven guilty. Happy betting!

Click here to download the tip sheet as a PDF file.