Article 66

This Saturday at Jazid, Miami rock quartet Article 66 becomes the newest pack of lucky dogs to score the opening slot for Suénalo Sound System. "We've never played there before, and we're very excited and grateful for the opportunity," says vocalist/guitarist Tony "T-Bone" Tomas. "It's a great place in a great location. I remember some big acts playing there in the past."

Tomas, who spent 10 years in punk bands, describes Article 66's sound as Green Day, Clapton, and 311 mushed together. A broad description, yes, but he's much more specific regarding the effect the band's awesomeness will have on the Jazid crowd. "They can expect to be mesmerized, pulverized, and stupefied by A66," he says. "With the new year around the corner and this being our first show at Jazid, we feel obligated to put some extra stank on this one. You better be ready, baby!"

Any chance of this pulverizing stupefaction getting lasered onto discs for posterity? "We started working on an album in June of 2005 and finished recording all the tracks sometime in early '06," he says. "We're still not finished with the final mixing because we all have day jobs — we've had to work on it little by little. I'm glad this is being published, because now I have a public forum to take the blame for the long delay and place it squarely on the shoulders of our drummer, Leo."

And how, exactly, does Article 66 use local MC DJ Jam within its hard/blues-rock context? "Jam's all about old-school hip-hop. He adds his own flavor to the songs and separates us from the rest of the crowd," says Tomas. "Just come down and check it out already."