Los Angeles resident Zach Sciacca always remembers to take listeners on a true journey — a real Z-Trip. And since so many DJs have forgotten (or never learned) how to mix, Z's local appearances should easily be highlights in a crowded party itinerary. As a teenager in Phoenix, he formed the Bombshelter crew with fellow DJs Emile and Radar. Since then, Z has evolved into one of the world's most respected mixmasters for his raw technical skills and imaginative, genre-bending combinations of rap, rock, and the kitchen sink. It's an early predilection that has led many to call him the "godfather of mashups."

Z has also confidently and craftily made an impression as a producer, first with his 2005 debut album, Shifting Gears, and most recently with the original soundtrack to the All-Pro Football 2K8 videogame. Aside from those projects, he has worked with two of hip-hop's greatest MCs of all time — Chuck D and Rakim — and now sets his sights on a new frontier: making completely live music. Until then, catch him behind the wheels of steel.

Set List

1. Z-Trip meets the Bassbin Twins, "Shot Down" (white label)

2. Saigon, "Come On Baby" (Atlantic)

3. Glitch Mob, "Bubblin' in the Cut" (Glitch Mob Unlimited)

4. Atmosphere, "Shoulda Known" (Rhymesayers)

5. Team America OST, "America, F**k Yeah" (Atlantic)

6. Instinct DJs, "Instinct Shows Calabria Love" (white label)

7. Radiohead, "15 Step (Goldenchyld Remix)" (white label)

8. Skream, "Make Me" (Tempa)

9. The Doors, "My Wild Love (Z-Trip Remix)" (white label)

10. Mesh, "Hipsters Are the New Jocks" (Mesh)