Deadmau5 is doubtless one of dance music's golden boys. The 27-year-old Ontario-based producer dominated the last edition of Winter Music Conference, rules the download-sales roost over at, and recently snagged two nominations for Juno Awards (sort of like Canada's Grammys). His dark take on shimmering four-to-the-floor is chameleonic, lending itself to the virtual DJ bags of everyone from electro-crunchers to big-room conductors. It also seems to go down particularly sweetly in Miami — and he must love playing here as well, because Saturday marks his second gig at Mansion in the past three months. Tourmate Sydney Blu also hails from Toronto and also mines similar thumping, progressive turf. Hers is a more straightforward sound, though, less twisted and based more on a reverb-drenched, propulsive bump with high-note melody and an underlying tribal feel.