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Five-Time Grammy Award Winner CeeLo Green Dishes on Fort Lauderdale Distillery Partnership

To say CeeLo Green is a fan of Victor George's caramel-infused vodka would be an understatement.
Victor George Spirits photo
To say CeeLo Green is a fan of Victor George's caramel-infused vodka would be an understatement.
Five-time Grammy Award winner and hip-hop/R&B legend CeeLo Green has signed a partnership deal with Fort Lauderdale-based Victor George Spirits.

As part of the multifaceted partnership, Green is now part owner of the brand, a key spokesperson, and will have Victor George Spirits at the top of his touring rider.

"Victor George was just a gentleman on our first encounter," Green tells New Times of the brand's namesake owner, Victor G. Harvey. "He was courteous, forthright, and respectful. We exchanged contacts and kept in touch for well over a year. I'm a big believer that timing is everything, and here we are. The result here is something that was very organic and instinctual."

The two met at a Super Bowl party in Miami in 2020. At the time, Green was known for his Atlanta ties, but the music artist lives in Miami these days. "I'm a drinker to a certain degree. I love tequilas, I love wines, and a nice drink for social engagements can be key down here," he says. "To have a conversation – business or otherwise – over a nice beverage and some food always aids in getting things done."

Eventually, Green did a taste test of Victor George's offerings and says, "what really spoke to me is their caramel-infused vodka. It is delicious, and if I'm going to be partial or particular about one product, it's going to be that caramel-infused vodka."

In addition to the caramel option, Victor George sells an 80-proof standard vodka. Both options run $19.99 for a 750-ml bottle or $28.99 for 1.5 liters. The brand also has a Fort Mosé 1738 bourbon whiskey offering, named for the first free Black town in the United States. A 750-milliliter bottle of Fort Mosé retails for $49.99.

"I'm a southerner... I'm a cowboy," Green says with a laugh. "If I'm drinking that bourbon, I'm drinking it straight."
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Victor G. Harvey, left, of Victor George Spirits, with CeeLo Green.
Victor George Spirits photo
The Green partnership marks the latest in a buzzworthy few years for Victor George Spirits. In 2021, its owner Harvey was awarded $2.45 million by the Fort Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Agency to build the city's first Black-owned distillery along Sistrunk Boulevard. The latest plans include a vision for an 18,000-square-foot facility with a restaurant, cigar lounge, rooftop patio/lounge, and distillery. The groundbreaking is slated for this month.

As for Green – known for his independent hit "Forget You," being half of mega-duo Gnarls Barkley, and a member of the iconic Goodie Mob group – has a busy 2023 ahead.

"I'm working triple shifts. I'm now a spirits owner, my own individual artist, and have my collaborative efforts. With Gnarls Barkley this year, we'll have some projects and content that will represent that brand this year, fingers crossed. With Goodie Mob, we're also touring. Look, man, I'm a hard-working guy, and after a hard day's work, I like to sit down with a cigar in the beautiful company of my fiancé and a nice, neat glass of caramel Victor George. That's what it's all about."