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Would You Buy Eggs From the Trunk of a Car?

Jay Moreno: comedian and egg dealer
Jay Moreno photo
Jay Moreno: comedian and egg dealer
If you've been to the market lately, you might have noticed that the egg section looks a little bare and much more expensive. The last time we checked, a dozen eggs were going for just under $7 at Publix.

The scarcity of eggs and the resulting high prices can be attributed partly to a highly contagious avian flu. The USDA reports that flocks in 47 states are affected, including Florida. People are getting desperate to get their hands on some eggs, even resorting to smuggling them across the border from Mexico.

The question remains, what lengths would you go to to get a dozen eggs for your family? Would you buy them out of someone's truck?

Stand-up comedian Jay Moreno (@jaymoreno_comedy) is doing just that: He created a hilarious Instagram where he sells eggs from the back of his van. The video was shared by Only in Dade, where it went viral with nearly 15,000 likes.
Moreno, a Miamian, says he made the video after hearing so much chatter about the egg shortage. "Prices are through the roof right now. I saw the opportunity to poke a little Miami fun at the situation. Buying items from cars is almost like the culture here. I knew it would be well received."

Moreno says that the comments on the video are his favorite part. As you would expect, they are hilarious:

supremebruja_31 reminded us that, while eggs are scarce, Miami has plenty of free-range chickens: "Like county (sic) walk doesn't have parking-lot chickens."

seeking_eternally noted the similarity to a different sale: "Selling those eggs like they were drugs."

junglemedics refuted the fact that they were, in fact, eggs at all: "Plot twist cocaine shaped eggs!! It's Miami."

Moreno adds that he'd definitely buy some eggs out of a truck. "Times are hard. The holidays just passed. And you gotta have eggs."

And, though Moreno has yet to buy eggs from some random guy, he has purchased stuff out of a car. "I bought a drink from someone. This guy actually set up a full bar in his trunk and was selling cocktails. It's crazy but true."

If you want more Jay Moreno, the comedian is playing the Dania Improv on March 22. Just don't follow him into the parking lot for an omelet.