Heat Draft Preview: The Best Players Taken With the 27th Pick in the NBA Draft

Rudy Gobert was drafted 27th overall by the Denver Nuggets in 2013.
Miami Heat fans would undoubtedly rather be talking about their team playing in the NBA Finals right now, but alas, a crushing Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 defeat at the hands of the Boston Celtics meant it was not to be. There are no more games to talk about until September.

What there is to talk about is the quickly approaching June 23 NBA draft and what the Heat will do with the 27th overall pick. If history serves as an indicator, the 27th pick won't land an instant difference-maker, but it could definitely provide a rotation player.

So what sort of player could the Heat land? Let's take a look at the best players taken with the 27th pick since 2010.

Robert Williams III, 2018

If the rest of the NBA didn't know before this postseason, they know now: The Boston Celtics' Robert Williams is a problem. When the Celtics center isn't snatching up rebounds, he's swatting away shots and, overall, just being a freakin' menace at both ends of the court.

A career ten-point, ten-rebound per game player, Williams may not seem on paper to be a major contributor. Anyone watching the Celtics in the NBA Finals against Golden State would tell you differently. If the Heat can land a player half as good as Williams on June 23, they'll instantly become a much better team.

Pascal Siakam, 2016

Already an NBA champion and All-Star through his first six seasons in the NBA, Pascal Siakam is considered a dreamy pick late in the first round. Siakam was a third-team All-NBA player in 2022 and continues to provide Toronto with the sort of effort the franchise lacked prior to his arrival in 2016.

If the Heat can find a 6-foot, 8-inch power forward with the length to score from anywhere on the court like Siakam at 27th, they'll be right back in Finals contention next season. Book it.

Kyle Kuzma, 2017

You're probably thinking Kyle Kuzma isn't exactly a memorable difference-maker in the NBA, but at 27th overall, he's a success story. Averaging 17 points and 8 rebounds per game in 2022, Kuzma fills a Tyler Herro-type role for the Washington Wizards: instant offense, but not without its drawbacks.

If Miami can add more microwavable scoring off the bench with the 27th pick, they'll find themselves a much-improved squad in 2022-23.

Bogdan Bogdanovic, 2014

Another player Heat fans aren't exactly thrilled to be talking about acquiring, Bogdanovic is another off-the-bench scorer Miami sorely missed in the 2022 playoffs. Heat fans will remember Bogdan as a player you do not want to leave open when he gets hot — a role the Heat have lacked since Duncan Robinson's disappearance.

A 15-point-a-game scorer isn't sexy, but it would be a success story with a 27th pick.

Rudy Gobert, 2013

A multiple winner of the Defensive Player of the Year award with the 27th pick? Yes, please! Rudy Gobert isn't the most likable player, but no one can deny he's worthy of Top 3 pick status.

15 points and 15 rebounds a game is terrific for any player at almost any pick in the draft, but being one of the best there is on the defensive side of the court is what makes a guy like Gobert the epitome of what Heat fans might dream of gaining with the 27th pick.