Five Chaotic Miami Flood Videos From Potential Tropical Cyclone One

Screenshots via @jpetramala, @BrittanyWallman/Twitter
Surfing dogs don't lie: Parts of South Florida were submerged up to the eyeballs by Potential Tropical Cyclone One.
With climate change and rising sea levels, scientists predict that Miami could be underwater by the end of the century. But this past weekend, the region caught a harrowing glimpse into the future thanks to the unnamed tropical disturbance, since upgraded to Tropical Storm Alex, that crossed southern Florida Friday night and Saturday.

More than ten inches of rain overwhelmed South Florida's infrastructure, and roads, parking lots, and other low-lying areas were inundated. The result: Submerged vehicles, stranded drivers, and enough jaw-dropping social-media posts to potentially persuade some of the city's recent transplants to retreat to higher land. 

Between surfing dogs, drenched clubgoers, and Corvettes-turned-submarines, here are five clips of chaotic flood footage shared on social media over the weekend of Potential Tropical Cyclone One's watery wake. 

Fish Takeover

In a video shared by WSVN-TV reporter Fox Sheldon, a school of small fish appears to be swimming through shallow floodwaters in the parking garage of the Towers Of Quayside, a luxury bayfront condo situated near the Biscayne Park and Miami Shores neighborhoods. At first, the videographer's camera angle gives the illusion that they're filming the shallow waters at the beach as 20 or so small fish swim past. It's only after they pan up that it's clear they're in a parking lot. The fish evidently didn't get the memo. 

"Ride or Die"

Freelance journalist Jonathan Petramala shared footage on Twitter of dedicated clubgoers trudging through thigh-high waters in Brickell, including one woman in a shiny silver dress who squirms out of the sunroof of a stalled BMW, slides down the windshield as if at a waterpark in Middle America, and impressively attempts to maneuver the vehicle out of the roadway.

"This driver needs to put a ring on it," Petramala exclaims in the tweet, "this girl is ride or die!"

Key Biscayne Channels Venice

A trip to Venice, Italy's "City of Canals," requires a pricey transatlantic voyage. In Key Biscayne, one optimistic fellow took advantage of the inundated residential streets to take his kayak for a leisurely paddle.

"It’s like being in Venice, all the side streets and everything are flooded," the man happily imparts to a neighbor as he rows down the road. Y'know what they say: When life gives you flooded streets, take out your kayak!

Surfing Doggo

One exceptionally coordinated canine in Fort Lauderdale appeared to have made the most of the chaos. In a video shared by WSVN social-media producer Patrick Chalvire, the pup can be seen hanging 20 through the flooded streets of Las Olas on a bodyboard of some sort as his human tows him on a bright yellow bicycle.

"There's no way!" laughs the woman shooting the video from inside her car. "What?!"

Corvette Submarines

In what can only be described as a Miami miracle, a Corvette that appears to be submerged up to its hood can be seen successfully riding through deep floodwaters without stalling as neighbors applaud and cheer from higher ground.

"Let's go!" a voice can be heard hollering in the background.

Though there were many reports of stalled vehicles in Miami on Friday night and Saturday morning, this black Corvette and a silver Corvette (captured on video with its headlights beaming through the floodwaters in downtown Miami) evidently made it to drier land.