Getting to Know Victor Oladipo: Ten Fun Facts About the Miami Heat's Newest Star

The newest member of the Miami Heat.
The newest member of the Miami Heat.
Meet Victor Oladipo, the newest member of the Miami Heat. Minutes after Thursday's trade deadline passed, news broke that the Heat had made a big trade — but not for Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, which many expected. Instead, Pat Riley pulled off a heist, getting the ex-All-Star guard from the Houston Rockets for a bag of chips and a Diet Pepsi.

You probably know of Victor Oladipo, but do you know Victor Oladipo? No? Neither did we. That's why we looked deeper into the man who, as it turns out, has many layers and interests outside of basketball.

So, let's get to know Victor Oladipo, a man Heat fans will likely be seeing quite a bit of for the foreseeable future.
He plays every game with tiny crosses tucked into his socks. Victor Oladipo once took his mom to Jerusalem to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where, it's said, Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected. Apparently, there's a gift shop there that sells crosses you can have blessed, so Mrs. Oladipo did that and gave them to her son. Now, as one does, he plays NBA basketball with them stuffed inside his socks.

So in a roundabout way, the Miami Heat is now blessed by Jesus himself. Pat Riley did it again, folks.
You may have never heard his full name or nickname. Victor's full name is Kehinde Babatunde Victor Oladipo. His nickname? Mr. Feathery. Can something be your nickname if no one has ever heard you called by that name? We'll find out in Miami.

There's a much better chance of Heat fans calling him "KBVO" than of hearing "Mr. Feathery" chants at the arena. KBVO sounds like a Russian gang or a top-shelf whiskey.
After high school, Victor's dad wanted him to go to China to learn martial arts. Oladipo wasn't exactly your average high schooler. Entering college, ESPN ranked him the No. 54 shooting guard in his class, while Rivals had him No. 41 at his position and No. 144 nationally. That didn't stop his father from wanting him to skip playing college ball and instead go to China to learn how to kick people's asses.

Oladipo told the Washinton Post back in 2010 that his dad wanted to him to go to China for a full summer to study martial arts and improve his self-discipline. Oladipo passed on the offer and instead took a scholarship to play at Indiana. He was eventually selected by the Orlando Magic second overall in the 2013 NBA draft.
Oladipo met Dwyane Wade at the White House when he was in high school, and they've been linked ever since. Back in 2018, Oladipo revealed to the Athletic that the first time he met Dwyane Wade was at the White House at a Father's Day luncheon hosted by President Barack Obama. Oladipo has looked up to the Heat legend ever since, and the two have remained close. Oladipo reportedly even chose to attend Indiana because Tom Crean, Wade's coach at Marquette, was coaching the Hoosiers at the time.
He's an R&B singer on the side, and he actually doesn't suck. As if being talented enough at basketball to make the NBA isn't enough, Oladipo inexplicably also has vocal cords that have been touched by an angel. In 2018, he released his debut EP, titled V.O.

In 2018, Oladipo gave an impromptu performance at the NBA Awards. Sheesh, Victor. Can you relax, bro? Save some women for the rest of us.
He was once on The Masked Singer. As noted above, Oladipo can sing his ass off. So well, in fact, that he once appeared on season two of The Masked Singer, which features celebrities and other notables singing masked in front of a panel of judges who must guess who they are.

Oladipo wound up finishing fifth on the show.
He's a huge Harry Potter fan. Back in 2016, Oladipo and the Orlando Magic played a game in London against the Toronto Raptors. Oladipo was super stoked to meet some family he just discovered he had in the area, but what he was really excited to see on the trip were all the places where Harry Potter was filmed.

"I'm a big fan of the series, and it'll be interesting to see those places in real life," Oladipo told at the time.
His entire family is short, including his twin sister, yet somehow he's 6-foot-4. There is a lot going on in this Breakfast Club interview, but one thing sticks out the most: Victor Oladipo is a miracle that defies all DNA logic.

Oladipo tells the Breakfast Club that both of his parents are under 5-foot-7 and his twin sister is 5-foot-4, which means either there are some 8-foot-7 grandparents here or Oladipo might want to create a MyHeritage account and do some digging. Shit ain't adding up.
His career took off when he changed his diet in 2017. Victor Oladipo earned the NBA's Most Improved Player award in 2017-18, and by the looks of the above before-and-after photos, there isn't much of a mystery as to why. Back in the offseason prior to the 2017 NBA campaign, Oladipo said he cut out all the "nasty shit" and started feeding his body the premium fuel.

Fruits and vegetables increased, and his pregame meal began to consist of pasta and chicken rather than McDonald's and Burger King. Who knew that would work?!
His favorite current basketball player is...himself. They say you need to love yourself before anyone else can love you. Oladipo is a firm believer in that philosophy, which is why if he had to choose his favorite current basketball player, he would, of course, choose himself.

Oh, and Oladipo is a fan of Michael Jordan, too. He really went out on a limb with these picks and made some news.