The Salty Is Opening a Permanent Place on Lincoln Road

The Salty Donut Trailer is now a permanent fixture on Lincoln Road.
Photo by D. Margherite
The Salty Donut Trailer is now a permanent fixture on Lincoln Road.
Back in December, the Salty announced its camper would be popping up on Lincoln Road for a few months, in a collab with El Bagel.

Yesterday, the popular doughnut emporium made the pop-up permanent.

Danny Pizarro, chief marketing officer for the Salty, says demand was so high for the doughnuts on Miami Beach that the team decided to pursue a longer-term approach. "The really exciting part is that we're basically residents of Lincoln Road now," Pizarro tells New Times. We're not in a storefront, but we are there."

The permanent spot is located on the corner of Meridian Avenue and Lincoln Road — at the epicenter of South Beach's iconic pedestrian boulevard. The Salty will add some seating for customers, as well as the ability for patrons to preorder online for pickup.

There's more. The Salty will soon take delivery on a brand-new camper that allows for coffee service, Pizarro tells New Times, describing the setup thusly: "Basically, it's like a store in the middle of the road." (That said, he notes that the trailer won't be a physically permanent fixture at the location but will roll out on its operational days.)

The Salty, which launched in 2016 as the Salty Donut, was born as a mobile operation before launching its flagship Wynwood shop. Since then, the brand has steadily grown, with additional locations in South Miami and Audubon Park, Florida, and two in Texas.

Pizarro says the Lone Star State stores were hit hard by the recent winter storm that knocked out power and water supplies. Though the brick-and-mortars came through the debacle intact and all employees are safe and sound, he says the store in Dallas' Bishop Arts District had to close for a week. 

To help raise money for people in Dallas affected by the storms, the Salty is offering a special "Churro + Dulce de Leche Star." The celestial-shaped doughnut will be available at all Salty locations, including the South Beach camper. All proceeds from sales of the doughnut will benefit Staff Meal Dallas.

Says Pizarro of the fund raiser: "While we know this is a tough time for the Dallas community, we are using our stores to provide a positive difference in Dallas like we always try to do during tough times."

The announcement of Salty's permanent residence comes at a time when Lincoln Road is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. In addition to the Salty, Pura Vida ad Harry's Pizzeria by chef Michael Schwartz have signed leases on the mall, and the Colombian restaurant chain Andrés Carne de Res will open its first U.S. location on Lincoln Road.

The Salty on Lincoln Road. 700 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.