Mayorga Organics Opens Coffee Factory in Former Café Bustelo Warehouse

Mayorga's flagship coffee factory in Rockville, Maryland.
Photo courtesy of Mayorga Organics
Mayorga's flagship coffee factory in Rockville, Maryland.
There's a new coffee factory roasting beans in town. Mayorga Organics, which specializes in organic coffee, recently moved into a 43,000-square-foot facility in Doral. The site is the same warehouse where Café Bustelo was roasted and packaged before Smucker's purchased the brand and later shuttered roasting operations in Miami. The new Doral location will operate in tandem with the company's flagship location and roaster in Rockville, Maryland.

"When my family immigrated to the U.S., Miami was our first home," founder/president Martin Mayorga says. "It's always had a special place in my heart. I knew I wanted to bring the Mayorga brand here as soon as I launched it."

Before specializing in coffee, he partnered with a Nicaraguan family to launch Mayorga Cigars in 1994. He incorporated coffee into the business in 1996 and later sold Mayorga Cigars in 2001 to concentrate on coffee. Beyond producing coffee for the past 22 years, Mayorga has worked to support small organic farmers throughout Latin America.

"We exist to create market opportunities for our farmers," he says. "The Miami market is ideal for us to bring our message of sustainability, high quality, and to be unapologetically and proudly Latino. This larger facility will allow us to evolve into processing other diversified products, such as cacao, quinoa, and chia, while representing the Latino community through high-quality products that are truly sustainable."

Whole-bean packaging, cold-brewing and canning, and packaging grains and beans from producer partners will be a few of the services Mayorga's new facility will offer.

Though Mayorga's plans for coffee factory tours are on hold indefinitely owing to the coronavirus crisis, the company is redeveloping its website and social media strategy to showcase its whole process, from farming to preparing a cup at home.

"Education and speaking openly about the realities of the agricultural industry in Latin America are hallmarks of the Mayorga philosophy," says Clari Butman, Mayorga's brand manager. "We're excited bring a brand into the Miami market that the local community can feel proud of as we continue to grow in the national Hispanic market."

Find the family's coffee — including Mayorga's best-selling organic Café Cubano, which launched in 2001 — on Amazon and at Costco Wholesale and Whole Foods. Mayorga also manufactures under private-label agreements for clients nationwide.

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