Five Ways Miami Sports Fans Can Kill Time While Games Are on Hiatus

LeBron James is watching old Heat highlights, for heaven's sake.
Remember sports? Those were fun. Now that coronavirus has led to the abrupt cancellation or postponement of all major sports games, events, NFL scouting trips, and basically anything and everything we're accustomed to following this time of year, there's very little to speak of in the sports world. While life goes on, sports have been yanked away, depriving Miami fans of their usual getaway.

It's tragic. What are we supposed to talk about — the weather? Easter plans? Our lives?!

No, there must be another way! Here are five things every Miami sports fan can obsess over until COVID-19 is out of our lives and sports return.
Do a bunch of mock NFL drafts. Though it's not yet clear what the NFL plans to do about the draft scheduled to take place in about six weeks, one would imagine there's no chance it'll be canceled. Anyone who's ever done a fantasy football draft can tell you it's pretty easy to do online. For Dolphins fans bored out of their minds, becoming Mel Kiper for a month and diving into prospects for Miami is an excellent way to kill time.

After you've done your research, put it to use on this website that lets you pretend to be an NFL team in a simulated draft. After the Dolphins screw up their league-high 14 picks, you'll have documented proof you're smarter than they are.
Get acquainted with Miami Marlins players you've never heard of. The NBA season is over, the NFL won't be back till September, and the Florida Panthers were about done anyway. The Marlins, for once, have the spotlight all to themselves.

But you probably know of, like, four players. You should fix that. Here's a good site to check out all the prospects who will soon be Marlins, and here is the active roster. Get to know your Fish!
Learn the rules of soccer. Inter Miami made it through two games before a global pandemic paused the season. The team hasn't even played a home game yet. Most fans still don't know every player, and some supporters don't even know much about the sport. Surely, they know a goal is a goal, but when it comes to defining an "indirect kick" or "offsides," they have some catching up to do.

Now is the time to learn the game! When Inter Miami returns, you'll have added knowledge. Think of the season's postponement as an opportunity to get up to speed on the sport.
Step up to the plate and become a player yourself. Everyone is sitting at home. LeBron James is watching old Heat highlights, for heaven's sake. Pretty much everyone is just waiting for the next fun thing (or terrible thing!) to come across their Twitter timeline. Now is the perfect time to rekindle your competitive fire and entertain the masses.

Pick something — anything — and perfect it. Trash-can basketball? Score a basket from the couch. Got a hoop outside? Trickshot videos! Entertain yourself. Challenge others to best it. Compete. If you want sports, sometimes you gotta do it your damn self.
Spend hours watching Dan Marino's career highlights. When all else fails, go to your happy place — Dan Marino. It's easy to forget how majestic he was. There's no better time to dial up the old YouTube machine, sit back with a cold one, and reminisce about the good old days when the "Right Arm of God" ruled Miami sports.

You can find hours of Marino highlights and even some full games, including the one in which the Dolphins beat the undefeated 1985 Chicago Bears. When coronavirus gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade.