Heat Fan Tricks the Internet Into Believing Andre Iguodala Is Drunk on Duncan Robinson

Photo by Michael Reaves / Getty
Duncan Robinson
Twitter is the Wild Wild West of the internet. It's every man for himself, and if you aren't tweet smart, you're bound to get got. Nobody knows the lay of the Twitter land better than members of #HeatTwitter, who through the years have mastered the art of trolling, smack-talking, and downright dunking on anyone and everyone who dares invade their airspace.

This weekend, #HeatTwitter was out pulling classic high jinks that fooled some big-name people — including NBA players — into believing that a wild quote from new Heat forward Andre Iguodala was real. Below is the majestic tweet that started it all: Take this as a lesson, #HeatTwitter kids: When Photoshop skills meet ingenuity, you can pull off the unthinkable. Anything is possible!

This quote, of course, would be ridiculous if it were true. Iguodala recently came to Miami from the Golden State Warriors, where he played with the likes of Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson. Hell, Iguodala once shared the court with Kyle Korver, a player Duncan Robinson would probably love to be compared to one day. It's hilarious that people took the tweet seriously.

The fact that this quote is definitely, obviously fake means nothing, though. If it's on the internet, it must be true. In today's society, thousands of people like, retweet, and share posts before they even click to see what's inside. In this case, the wildfire spread throughout Twitter, reaching NBA players, the media, and thousands of other people wondering if Iguodala had fallen and hit his head at some point this offseason.

Though it's laughable that Robinson would be mentioned in the same breath as Curry or Durant, it's also undeniable that Robinson is one of the best shooters in the game, especially because both of those aforementioned players are on the shelf with injuries. Robinson, all things considered, was the best three-point shooter last month and is on his way to breaking the Heat record for three-pointers in a season.
In the end, #HeatTwitter got them again. Iguodala himself weighed in yesterday and put the ruse to rest. He confirmed that he's "not that crazy" and that the quote was fake.