Antonio Brown Throws Penis-Shaped Gummies at His Ex Outside Broward Home

Update, January 14: Hollywood Police Department provided New Times with various police reports, seemingly in reference to Brown's published videos. However, those reports were for two earlier incidents in December, not yesterday's events. This article has been updated for clarity.

All is not well with Antonio Brown. The former football star and Florida native faces a litany of legal issues, including accusations of rape by a former personal trainer and allegations of violent harassment from various women. Two pro football teams have cut Brown for his off-field antics in the past year alone, and he hasn't played in an NFL game since September. But the meltdown doesn't stop there.

This morning, Brown took to Instagram to publish a video of a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss and police outside his home in Hollywood. Brown and Kyriss' three children waited with their mother during the altercation. The video begins with Hollywood police on the scene and Brown accusing Kyriss of attempting to steal a luxury car parked in his driveway after coming to pick up their kids for school.

In the video, Kyriss, who's sitting in the driver's seat of Brown's Bentley, is eventually led out of the vehicle and across the street to speak with officers. Brown grows more irate as time passes, demanding officers return his keys to him and arrest Kyriss.

"Bum-ass ho. Fat, stocky, short, Santa Claus-looking-ass bitch," Brown says from across the street. "She's fucking trash. Take the trash to jail."

Hollywood police request backup and a police sergeant eventually arrives. The sergeant can be seen asking Brown if he gave the vehicle to his ex, to which a frustrated Brown responds with profanities.

"I'm telling you this is my fucking car," Brown says to the officer. "This car is registered [to] Antonio Brown. You want me to show you it? You guys already know that."

Brown tells the officer he had already evicted Kyriss from his home and allowed her back onto the property only to retrieve their children's clothes and take them to school. Brown claims he filed a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend once before and requests that officers take her to jail for trespassing and attempting to steal his vehicle. He claims "this drama" has been going for three weeks.

"This bitch is broke — she don't drive Bentleys," Brown says. "Look at her. She's a fucking lost cause. Look at her!"
Police can be seen walking away from Brown to make calls and confer with Kyriss, whom Brown begins to insult from across the street as their children watch.

"This is white versus black right here; in your fucking face, right here. Fuck the NFL — this is real life," a frustrated Brown says. "Chelsie, you look like a fucking fish, fucking fish out of water. Bitch look dead; look at her. Where your other two kids?"

Throughout the altercation, Brown can be heard complaining about what he viewed as a miscarriage of justice by police. Brown says the officers wouldn't have been so cautious about making an arrest had he been the one in his ex-girlfriend's car.

"You see the white guys talking to the white woman who's stealing," Brown says in reference to two white officers speaking with Kyriss. "Why's there no justice for black people?"

"It's justice, man," the officer tells Brown. The same officer was heard telling Brown that after a previous incident, Kyriss hadn't been issued a trespass warning and that on this occasion, she would be.

At one point during the video, one of Brown's sons, standing at his father's side, can be heard pleading with his dad to stop yelling at the white police officers questioning Kyriss.

"He's going to hurt you. He's going to hurt you," the boy says.

Things get even more bizarre toward the end of the video stream when Brown picks up a bag of penis-shaped gummy candies lying in the street. Brown can be seen throwing the "bag of dicks" in Kyriss' direction.

"Bag of dicks for the dicks," Brown says. "Chelsie, here you go, the bag of dicks."

This is at least the third time that Hollywood police have appeared at Brown's residence in response to issues with Kyriss. On December 13, Hollywood police responded to a nonviolent domestic disturbance call from Kyriss. The next day, Kyriss once more contacted police, who met her at the front of Brown's gated community before moving on to Brown's residence. Kyriss told police she had been living with Brown for years and that she wanted to remove her belongings.

During that visit, officers described Brown as agitated and rude. It was on that December 14 visit that Brown was informed the issue with Brown's Bentley was a civil matter that would need to be settled in court. Kyriss told the officer that Brown had given it to her as a gift and that she had video evidence of him gifting it to her.

Fast forward to this morning when Brown took to Twitter to complain about the Hollywood Police Department.
The cryptic tweet seems to be in reference to a frayed relationship detailed today by Hollywood Police Department in a public statement:

"Antonio Brown had a relationship with the Hollywood Police Department Police Athletic League for a number of years. He was helpful monetarily and with his personal time that he shared with the children. Recently, Mr. Brown has had incidents which necessitated police intervention. These incidents have caused an irreparable rift between the Police Department and PAL and Mr. Brown," the statement said.

The statement mentions that Hollywood Police Department returned donations from Brown on January 9.

"We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our organization. Mr. Brown was given a trespass warning for the Police Athletic League property because we did not want him to continue to affect our youth nor influence them in a negative way."