Everyone Agrees the Heat's #ViceWave Jersey Is the Greatest Jersey in the NBA

The Vice Wave kits feel like a Sunday morning on South Beach.
Photo courtesy of Miami Heat
The Vice Wave kits feel like a Sunday morning on South Beach.
The Miami Heat runs the NBA's City Edition jersey game. Year after year, the Heat's Vice jerseys are hands down the talk of the NBA's alternative-jersey season. Rarely does the national media fawn over anything Miami does without some sort of backhanded compliment, catch, or pettiness, but when it comes to the South Beach-style pastel works of art the Heat unveils every year around this time, there's nothing but universal applause.

This year, the team has outdone itself with the newest installment in the greatest alternate uniform campaign of all time: the #ViceWave, which the team will debut tonight against the Golden State Warriors.

#ViceWave — how very Miami. It sounds like a SoundCloud rapper's name or a hipster Wynwood restaurant that serves raw fish killed at your table.

The color referred to as “blue gale”
 leads the way this year, taking the baton after a year of extremely Miami pastel-pink Sunset Vice jerseys the Heat wore last season. The Vice Wave merch has been an instant hit, repeatedly appearing in the top spot of every publication ranking of the NBA's City Edition themes.

Every outlet is running a definitive ranking of the alternate jerseys being unveiled this week, and the Miami Heat is far and away the top pick. It sure seems as if the Heat is a bona fide lock to lead the league in City jersey sales as it has the past few seasons.

It's tough to choose which edition of the Vice jerseys we like best. The black 2017 edition is largely considered the most wearable, while the white 2016 version might be the cleanest and least gaudy of the bunch. The latest Vice Wave kits are the most Miami of the bunch, though. They feel like a Sunday morning on South Beach. They truly combined every version of the Vice line of jerseys and made one immaculate, sexy NBA jersey that should be permanent. But it feels almost too perfect to be seen every night — it's more of a special occasion thing.
If you want to see the #ViceWave in person but can't make it to the game tonight, no worries: The Heat will wear these alt-uniforms throughout the season until April 5 against the New York Knicks.