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Juicy, a Beer Fest Dedicated to IPAs and Sours, Returns to Miami

Juicy IPA at Boxelder
Guillermo De Cun @fohawkphoto
Juicy IPA at Boxelder
If you're a fan of big, bold India Pale Ales (IPAs) and brightly hued fruit-infused sour beers, you'll want to check out the Miami beer festival that pays homage to both styles.

Juicy, which is set to take place January 11, 2020, is a Florida event dedicated to hoppy and fruity brews. The festival was born in 2016 when founder Kris Marino shared two of his favorite styles of beer at the Wynwood craft beer bar Boxelder.

Like most of Marino's growing list of South Florida-based beer-centric events, Juicy began with just a few breweries before slowly morphing into a full-fledged affair. Not unlike his annual Free the Whales, which specializes in rare brews, Juicy fills a niche by focusing on IPAs and fruit-treated sour beers such as gose and Berliner, Marino says.

"At the time, we were seeing a lot of different styles of IPA — milkshake, West Coast, New England, and even sour IPAs. I thought it would be cool to showcase them alongside my favorite sour beers," Marino explains. "At the time, exclusive sour events had been done before. But it can be too much on your stomach. The sour gets to you. So I thought a mix of the two styles would be cool and make the whole thing more enjoyable.”

Even if you're not familiar with either category, Juicy can educate you about what beer lovers across the nation are hyping. Check out a wide variety of IPAs, from opaque New England-style DIPAs to piney, dank West Coast takes. Likewise, you'll get a proper lesson in the ever-growing lineup of American-style sour beers flavored with a seemingly impossible amount of fruit: Selections range from viscous, smoothie-like brews to lightly flavored, supercarbonated takes with a refreshingly tart, tangy body.

Confirmed Florida-based breweries include Calusa, Civil Society, Hidden Springs, and Ology. Out-of-staters include Country Club, Equilibrium, Finback, Mikerphone, Ocelot, Ardent Craft Ales, Vitamin Sea, and Mast Landing.

Juicy Beer Fest. Noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, January 11, at Boxelder Craft Beer Market, 2817 NW Second Ave., Miami; 305-942-7769; Tickets cost $50 via