Study: Miami Dolphins Fans Curse More Than Almost Any Fan Base in the NFL

Miami Dolphins fans curse more than almost any other fan base, a new study says.
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Miami Dolphins fans curse more than almost any other fan base, a new study says.
If you've spent any real time in Miami, chances are you already know this. But now, there's a study to back up your own personal research — Miami Dolphins fans like to use profanity, and they do so more than almost any other fan base in the NFL. Jets fans lie, Bills fans lie, and Patriots fans lie, but the data doesn't lie — Dolphins fans have some of the worst potty mouths in the entire league. did the Lord's work and bravely dove into the Reddit abyss, scanning over a half-million comments for the words "fuck," "shit," "damn," "hell," "dick," "bitch," "crap," "asshole," "douche," and "bastard." When they emerged back to the surface, they returned with some cold, hard data: Dolphins fans are supervulgar — fifth-most vulgar in the NFL, in fact — and in particular love to say "bitch." 

This is the sort of important information we crave as the preseason nears. Thank you, internet!

The scale used in the study measures the average number of profane words used per ten subscribers to each team's subreddit. For the Dolphins, that number was 8.6, less than only the Jaguars, Titans, Browns, and Raiders. The study found Arizona Cardinals fans were the least prone to profanity, at just 2.6 bad words used per 10 subreddit users. Again, this is just a scale of online naughty words. It would be impossible to keep track of all the bad words Dolphins fans use, especially if you don't speak Spanish.

"Shit" and "fuck" made up almost 75 percent of profanity used across the board by fans of all 32 teams. The study found that Dolphins fans used "bitch" 14.8 percent more often than other fan bases, while Indianapolis Colts fans used "douche" at an amazing and quite impressive clip of 76.6 percent more than anyone else.

Now that you're up to speed on the most important NFL fan study on the interwebs, let's all remind ourselves of one of the most infamous Miami Dolphins-related profanity moments of all time: